Máy quét rác ngồi lái HiClean HC1600W

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Hãng sản xuất: HiClean

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Bảo hành: 18 tháng

Số lượng Đặt hàng Gọi lại cho tôi
Tên sản phẩm : Máy quét rác ngồi lái HiClean HC1600W
Number Item name Unit HC 1600W
1 Sweeping paths  mm 1600
2 Productivity m2/h 10000
3 Max climbing capacity ° <15
4 Length of main brush mm 700
5 Power supply   v 36
6 Continuous working hours h 6-8
7 Dustbin Capacity L 135
8 Side brush Diameter mm 400
9 Driving Power(Motor) w 1500
10 Working Power(Motor) w 400+450
11 Turning Radius mm 700
12 Dimension (L/W/H) mm 2000*1600*1950
13 Max working speed  km/h 0-7
14 Max running speed km/h 0-9.8
15 Filtering area  m2 5
16 N.W. kg 690
17 Cubage of water tank L 32
HC -1600W is equipped with a high efficient roller-shape sucking filter and an automatic cleaning system, It is mostly used outdoor. It is widely used by the environment and hygiene departments, cleaning companies and property management companies for outdoor cleaning.
1.The assembly of highlow pallets allows more free passage, and save the tools to detach the main brush (easier to use), 80 decibels low sound frequency design, registered patent of second-degree dirt-control system, it is equipped with strong dirt-settling function, the width of cleaning area can reach 16 meters.  The water-spray system adopts the latest technology of vacuum diaphragm pump in China, it is efficient and safe to use. The machine can efficiently sweep and clear the dust and rubbish all at the same time, it is very work-efficient.  

2. Choosing good quality and reliable parts helps to reduce maintenance and repairement costs.

3. The main brush and the side brush could be automatically lifted up and down , a wiser design. (Optional)  Automatic control for the main brush and the side brush.

4. Imported electronic control device, current protection device, low-voltage protection device, enforced pallet, bigger in size of the trash bin


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